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The 2SK170 has been designed specifically as a JFETs(Junction Field Effect) ,listed in Discrete Semiconductor Products category. It is produced by Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage,packaging utilizes environmentally ‘Green’ mold compound. The 2SK170 is available in our Philippines warehouse, its stock code is 17476. Apr 15, 2021 -BL is the grade of the 2SK170 JFET based on IDSS. IDSS classification: 2SK170-GR: 2.66.5 mA 2SK170-BL: 6.012 mA 2SK170-V: 1020 mA Does that help with your question? Apr 04, 2021 Guys, I have updated the app. For now, it's only for 2sk170, but I will add more JFETs soon. The Vto has been adjusted so the transconductance curves from the 2sk170 datasheet and the app look identical. If you use this model in LTSpice, specify Vds at 10V, Vgs equal to Vto you will get Id at around 100nA, so Vto is treated by LTSpice li.

2sk170 Fet

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2sk170 Data

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